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We began to sale the each article of the "Tire Monthly" From the website, you can subscribe from the URL link(article sales site) down below.

You can also subscribe the「 Tire Monthly(full version besides advertisement)」 of Japanese edition From May 2014~ by the WEB, too. Click here for the sample.
Click for the sample here!

" 2017 Tire makers' officer directory" Now on Sale!

This year we also published " 2017 Tire makers' officer directory" as an extra issue.
They are now on sale already. If you need the copy, click here for your subscription.
Please specify the number of the copy you want to buy in Remarks column.

" 2017 Tire makers' officer directory"
Price:840yen/per copy (including tax and domestic postage)
Contents: introducing present post and career of domestic tire makers’ officers with their pictures.

*Postage will be added to the price above if we send to the over sea.